Business Technology Services helps customers realize high business value by incorporating information strategy, business collaboration, business integration and managing IT risk, across the value chain of the enterprise. We are at the forefront of building business and technology solutions and IPs, applying advanced technology areas including Cloud Computing, Sustainability, Mobility, Social Computing and Analytics among others.

Inperta firmly believes that People, Process, Technology and Infrastructure together is the heart of every project we deliver. Our ideology is simple competent People armed with proficient Technology skills, governed by right Processes and supported by essential Infrastructure will always result in a Quality Deliverable

Core Technology Expertise:

Mobile App Development (Android, iOS)
Near Field Communcation Systems
Web Application Development
B2B Services Design and Architecture
Cloud Hosting and Maintainance
Video Streaming Applications
Quality Assurance with Automation

United Kingdom
0845 094 0053
0845 094 0053
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